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Company Profile

Eden Prairie, Minnesota
United States

Janitor/Maintenance (Full Time)

Job Description
Senior CommUnity Care of NC, sponsored by Volunteers of America, is a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). We provide healthcare services to the frail, elderly who need nursing home care but want to live in their homes.

This position offers:
  • Monday-Friday work schedule
  • Competitive Pay and Benefits
  • Team Oriented Atmosphere
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) and Holiday Pay

Essential Functions
1. Performs designated cleaning tasks and preventative maintenance services.

2. Performs defined cleaning procedures, using various chemical and cleaning agents, supplies and equipment, for all areas assigned that would include, but not be limited to, the following:
a. Sweeping, mopping, wet washing/shampooing and vacuuming floors/carpets in ancillary service and common areas of the facility.
b. Stripping, waxing and polishing all floors in accordance with the floor covering maintenance schedule.
c. Washing walls, ceilings, and common area lighting fixtures.
d. Gathering, transporting and disposing of trash.
e. Cleaning waste receptacles.

3. Informs supervisor of supply or equipment needs.

4. Keeps storage areas locked with supplies properly stored according to established procedures.

5. Store all germicides, pesticides and other toxic substance clearly labeled and locked away when not in use.

6. Follow established reporting/repair procedures for the following:
a. Any damaged or loose fixtures, flooring or tiling requiring replacement or repair.
b. Any unsafe or malfunctioning equipment.
c. Any conditions conducive to breeding insects, rodents or other vermin.

7. Assist the Center Manager with the implementation of the facility’s preventative maintenance program.

8. Conducts frequent inspections of all fire safety equipment, alarms, extinguishers, detectors, sprinkler heads, water valves, exit lights, etc.  Testing and adjusting where indicated.

9. Assist the Center Manager with building and equipment maintenance and repairs.  Typical duties would include, but not limited to:
a. Testing emergency generator.
b. Adjusting door closures.
c. Cleaning ice machines, dryer vents, exhaust fans.
d. Painting, patching, caulking and sanding.
e. Clearing drain stoppages.
f. Replacing belts, washers, screws, seals, etc.
g. Tightening hand rails, chair lifts.
h. Repairing leaks.
i. Conducting physical facility safety inspections.
j. Lubricating hinges, motors, bearings, gears, etc.
k. Operating mechanical equipment.

10. Other duties as assigned by Day Center Manager.

Job Requirements

1. High School Diploma or equivalent.  

2. Ability to read, understand and follow written and oral instructions in order to identify various chemicals and cleaning agents from their labels and understand directions for use.  Willingness to perform routine, repetitive tasks with frequent interruptions.

3. Minimum of two (2) year previous building maintenance experience desired.  Has some knowledge of state building, plumbing and electrical codes and local ordinances.

4. Able to understand technical manuals used to install and repair machinery and equipment.

5. Coordination and dexterity needed to handle tools and equipment parts.

6. Must be capable of making decisions in an emergency.


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