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3 Month High Visibility, No Limitation Trial Program

The High Visibility, No Limitation recruiting package includes:

  • Unlimited Job Postings
  • Unlimited Resume Database Access
  • Rotating Banner on
  • Cross-posting of jobs to national Web sites
  • Cross-posting of jobs to applicable Niche Web sites
  • Job Alert Partnerships
  • Jobs posted are tweeted to @mnjobs, and other category-specific Twitter accounts

Cost: $1799

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Other Branding Opportunities:

  • Indoor Ads at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair
    For the third year in a row, will be advertising at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair. Be 1 of 10 featured employers on 75 posters and 6 wallscapes.

  • Bus Banners for the 2017 Minnesota State Fair Shuttle Buses
    Achieve your hiring goals with over two feet of banner space! Secure advertising panels on MetroTransit Buses that leave from various locations during the 2017 Minnesota State Fair.

  • Custom Digital Campaign 
    Let us help you locate, track, and target job seekers who match your desired demographic. How do we do it? Through our unique partnerships we utilize the latest and greatest in Programmatic technology to help you find job seekers.

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