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Save on spooky job postings now through October 31st!

5 Job Credits for $699 or
Unlimited Jobs until 12/31 for $1999

Our job postings are enhanced with a magic potion called Programmatic Technology. We get your job to the right job seeker, at the right time, at the right price!

If you're only posting to the 2 big job boards, you're missing out on 97% of job seekers → the passive ones!

Be amazed by how effective our "Spooky" job postings are and call us today!

(763) 784-9393

Custom Digital Campaign 
Let us help you locate, track, and target job seekers who match your desired demographic. How do we do it? Through our unique partnerships, we utilize the latest and greatest in Programmatic Technology to help you find job seekers.

Call us at 763-784-9393 or complete the form here to learn more.


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