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Customized Options Nonprofit provides high quality, alternative adult day programming services to individuals with developmental disabilities including those on the autism spectrum. We are at the forefront of this type of programming using individual goals, dreams and desires to determine the manner in which services are provided.

Customized Options was founded in 2005 on the belief that all person regardless of disability:

  1. Be given the opportunity to work and socialize as fully integrated individuals in his or her community;
  2. Be given options for work, education and social advancement and growth in a field of his or her choice; and
  3. Be empowered to strive for their personal dreams and goals.

Using these guiding principles, Customized Options developed a comprehensive program customized for each individual based on his or her goals and needs which allows participants to spend their day in the community at work, socializing, learning or at other activities.

Staffing: We provide one-to-one staff ratios, and eventually wean clients onto natural supports found in the workplace and community.

Location: Customized Options Nonprofit does not have a building where participants come; instead all services are provided directly in the community at local business, libraries, and community areas in the client's community.

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