Discover the Benefits of an Age Diverse Workforce

By:  Ruth Williams
Whatever your industry, a diverse workplace has nothing but advantages for both your business and your team. This should involve people from all races, religions and ethnicities, as well as gender, sexuality and age.At a time when young university graduates are struggling to find work, employers should be considering the benefits of an age diverse workforce. ...
Jan 19

Cultural Diversity is an Opportunity!

By:  Cash Miller
Cultural diversity within your business is an opportunity and needs to be embraced as one. Just take a look around you. Opportunity abounds because our world is a diverse place. Whether you have come to realize it or not as a small business owner, your awareness and respect of cultural diversity in the workplace truly matters to your employees and your client base. ...
Jan 19

Scent of a Workplace: When Noses Collide

By:  Laurie Trousil, MCDC Manager of Resources and Product Development
When was the last time that you entered a room and was over-powered by a woman's perfume? Have you ever shook hands with a man who smelled like he ate a garlic sandwich? Do you know someone with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)? Modern workplaces are changing. ...
Jan 19

Tips for Making Small Talk In the Minnesota Workplace

By Sue Plaster, M.Ed.
“I have no cabin to talk about at work on Mondays in the summer.  I’ve never been ‘up north’ and since I work two jobs, I never have been fishing either!” “Sometimes when I do take a break, I sit by myself because the complaining and talking about others isn’t something I want to take part in. ...
Jan 14

6 Cover Letter Gaffes My Peers Leave Out - It's Not Your Grandma's Cover Letter Anymore

By Stephen Q Shannon

Cover letters are under attack. I get that. Research smarter than me says 97% of high level HR and Recruiter Professionals delete or toss anything that looks like a cover letter. I get that too. Howsoever, when you are asked to send a cover letter, disguise it as a) A note, b) Half-pager, c) Brief Value Proposition Text or d) The dissed (by some) "T" letter that can be very effective. ...
Nov 18